My Black Friday Splurge!

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I celebrated Thanksgiving weekend by buying something cool from a small business!

Here's what I got:


I call it an ergonomic dreamstation.

I'm not a gamer. Full disclosure: video games give me anxiety. But I think those people are on to something! 

Since I'll basically be attached at the eyeballs to a screen for the majority of my life I might as well be comfortable. And according to research performed by the University of Alberta Hospital, Canada, I will be most comfortable if seated with my back at an angle of 135 degrees. 

This rig is extremely adjustable so I have high hopes that I'll be in ergonomic heaven once I set it up.

And it looks like it will make a very practical workstation. There's a separate articulating swing arm for every monitor and accessory I need. I'll even have space for my Wacom tablet and iPad. There are also optional accessories that I can add-on over time as my needs evolve.

I mean, how am I just now hearing about these things? I've been shuffling stuff around on my desk like a sucker for all these years when I could have had everything suspended in space, floating right at my fingertips! May the tyranny of fixed planar surfaces impede my workflow no more!

...Well, just for a few months more. It's on back order until the end of January, so I probably won't have it set up until March. But here's a link to someone else's very thorough review. Feeling confident....

I'm in no way affiliated with this company, distributor, or YouTube channel. I just thought this was a neat product and wanted to share it. I went with the R3VOLUTION model from Obutto because it seemed most suitable to my specific needs. But I've also created an channel of ergonomic configurations from multiple sources. Maybe you'll see one that calls to you!

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