Constellation Boards 🌌

Design Process

In design school, we were taught to make "vision boards", "mood boards" or "inspiration boards". All names for an identical process of gathering precedent from which to derive your work. 

While we could certainly list people whose designs we admire and respect, our design process never begins with intentional influence. Rather our forms grow procedurally from our digital canvas.

We start with a blank canvas, and so find inspiration from our design tools themselves. We strive to apply every technique and tool we use to it's fullest aesthetic potential. This means pushing the ideas and geometries to which we've turned our focus until they unlock unique possibilities. We manipulate those forms and concepts until a piece is finished.

Content to be misfits in this way, we worry that stating a specific lineage might sound contrived and inauthentic.

So while we don't refer to other peoples work as stylistic inspiration, we do see our ideas as existing within a "constellation" of cultural concepts.

The blocks within each constellation are characterized by one or more of the following bullet points. 

I. Some are subconscious internalizations. It is impossible to consume popular culture without having an awareness of this work.  
II. Some are post-facto realizations that our work wound up with a similar aesthetic even though we were coming from different contexts, using different tools and approaches. 
III. Some are conceptual fellow travelers whose work resonates with us. 

We will be defining and sharing our constellation boards on our account. To find them, just look for the 🔍 bar, highlighted in the screen shot below... 

Constellation Boards at

...and paste the 🌌 character. 

( We know this is the emoji for the Milky Way Galaxy. But since there isn't a 'constellation' emoji, we'll be using this to designate these boards.)


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